Snow and a Baby Boy.

Hello. I hope this post finds everyone well and warm in this new year.

There was snow. Anyone who knows me knows that I am never excited about snow, but I am grateful that the Lord saw fit to bless us with this form of precipitation. It stayed for a day or so, and slowly soaked into the planted wheat field. It also made everything muddy, but that is seldom a hardship since we don't absolutely need to go to town, thanks to our self-sustaining base provision. The garlic I am sure enjoyed the moisture, and I have always heard that snow is better for overwinter crops as it soaks in slowly and provides more hydration that way.

The community has grown by one precious soul since I last wrote. A baby boy who I was honored to catch on Tuesday, December 29th. He is a cute little character and doesn't fuss or cry too much, a blessing to his parents now and I pray always. Ruth (his sister who I also helped deliver) stayed with me on the days leading up to her little brother's birth and I loved spending time with my little friend who I missed so awful much. She has grown so much and while that breaks my heart she is still a such a joy and I am happy to be a part of her little redheaded life.

The animals have fared well in the harsh winter days, no more little ones though. I find that on the most bitter days my upstairs room is littered with critters curled up and sleeping, and I am fine with that. My beautiful dog, Steel is growing up and he is so smart and loving. I am taking him on a road trip to Arkansas in a few weeks and I hope he will be happy to spend some time with me at my fiance's homestead. I know he will.

I am behind on everything. But that isn't new. I am still working at Cultures for Health, and they have a ton of new products and new content, so you should definitely check them out. Also, I have had the privilege to talk to Simon of Wise Choice Market, and I have found his online store and blog to be so helpful and interesting, so I suggest you pop over there too if you have the inclination.

My siblings and I are doing the usual here on the farm, working a little in the garden to prepare for spring which comes quickly in this part of Texas, and tending the animals, and Robert has grown into a wonderful help with firewood and field care and everything manly. He is indispenseable on the homestead. He also is in a relationship with my fiance's beautiful and Christ-seeking sister, and I hope you all will join me in prayer to bless their talks and time together and pray that the Lord's Will be done in their lives.

I do apologize again for my lapse in blogging, time and tasks get away from me as usual but I certainly have not lost my desire to share with you this lifestyle of mine, and to talk with you about what is going on in my part of Texas.

I suggest, in times of my space-brained procrastination, that you keep up with the other blogs run by people in the community, as they are better at this than I and their posts and insight are very valuable.

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I will sign off now, as the fire needs feeding and I have things to attend.

Stay tuned, stay warm, and blessings on your households in 2016.

Until Next Time,
Tracy M


  1. Love to hear from you, Tracy, whenever you can. I pray the Lord's blessings on you in this new year.

  2. Busy times and exciting. Always good to catch a note from you. Nannie