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Late Summer Settles In.

Hello again. I am back sooner than usual. Let’s think it’s a trend for now. 
It’s August, which is a month that has snuck up on me every year for the past three. Working in a seasonal business as I was, summer always went by in an absolute flash, and then August settled in like molasses. Even with the shake-up, this year has been no different. 
A short time after I bowed out at work, we headed to Florida to visit Benjamin’s family there. We had such a good time, enjoying the beaches and the sunshine and the fellowship with our relatives. The drive was long, and New Orleans is way too close to our route for me not to yearn to take a pit stop, but we made it back and forth without any beignets or major mishaps. James did quite well in the car, but then he has always been a good traveler. We broke him in early on that one. So we arrived safely home and got back to work the next day. Benjamin as a driver for the canoe rental, and me with a writing deadline creeping up on me and other obliga…

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