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Coming home, being Mom.

When I made the move to Arkansas, it was to marry my best friend. Soon after moving here, I picked up a job at a local canoe and cabin rental, working the front counter and answering phones. That job progressed into a manager position within 2 years, and I was a full-time working wife and eventually mother before I even knew it. It was a perfect job for me, fun and outdoorsy and 15 minutes from home. So I threw myself into that work and let the world swirl on around me.

That means that in addition to my cynical personality, I also had work keeping me from reaching out to other Moms (even during a very dark prepartum depression episode that terrified me to my core), going to group bible studies, and even going to church some Sundays. I do not consider myself weak, or introverted, or damaged in any way, but I do struggle with a measure of social anxiety. Not only was leaving my original church family very tough for me, but getting comfortable in a new church has been even harder. That …

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