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Off Grid Dishes.

What is one thing we all have in common? Dirty dishes. And while washing dishes is probably the easiest and most self-explanatory of chores, I wanted to do a little post about how I am washing my dishes in an off-off-grid cabin in the wilderness.

I have been washing my dishes "the old-fashioned way" since I was 12 years old. Even when I am in someone else's home, I distrust dishwashers and will wash their dishes by hand to avoid them. I actually kind of enjoy doing dishes. I am not saying I skip and sing Cinderella-style on my way to wash a mountain of dirty dishes, but it is slightly therapeutic and satisfying to me.

My current dishwashing situation involves two plastic basins I bought from Walmart, and a small dishrack with an absorbent pad beneath it. It all sits on a shelf near my kitchen, as keeping a designated dish area helps me keep on top of things. I keep the water dispenser under it for easy access and I stack the dishes on the shelf beneath as they get dirty…

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