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Our Opportunities are Daily.

Hello. The O’Neill family is past the two week marker for our social distancing measures. No more are my grocery trips, thrift shopping sprees, or overpriced iced coffees. Not to say that I went out a lot beforehand. I went out when I needed to with little to no worry or fuss. Obviously, the world has changed drastically this month. We have adapted our lifestyle according to the information we have gathered and contemplated regarding the pandemic of Covid-19. Our decision to self-isolate as much as possible was quick and simple, and together we want to encourage every person reading this to do the same, if it is realistic for you. These are not times to fuss around about where the virus came from or why it is here. The fact is that Covid-19 is here, now, and it is endangering the lives of people we love. Ben and I have agreed that it is our sincere desire to look back and be able to say that we overreacted to the virus to no detriment to ourselves or anyone around us. The alterna

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