Three Little Blessings and A New Dress.

Good morning! It's Monday morning here in the heart of Texas, and such a beautiful one for this time of year. A little chilly, perhaps, but yesterday's temperatures were in the seventies and I was in the garden and at the sewing machine most of the day and enjoyed every minute of the unseasonal weather. I hope it stays around awhile.

Speaking of blessings, we went out to the sheepyard a few mornings ago to discover that God had granted us three tiny ones, all at once!

And they are just the cutest things!!

And as you can see, I enjoy them thoroughly under Mom's watchful eye.
Well, to tell you the truth, I don't have much to write about, just some pictures from my time in the garden and at the sewing machine, to be sprinkled liberally with random comments.
Spring will be upon us before we know it, and so I have been busily putting in plants with help from my siblings and despite the ducks who take delight in ripping apart young plants. The ducks have been banished to their pen and have a wonderful time yelling about it whenever I walk past.

I pulled up some of the winter crops, namely turnips, for bunny food. It's a thank you for all the amazing compost those guys have provided me with this year.
Thank you, bunnies!

The strawberries went in with my highest hope for their survival.

I planted some under the trees where the leaf compost is thick and there are already native berry bushes thriving. Call it permaculture, I hope it works.
And while digging and planting, I discovered that our dirt is amazing! With worms and loftiness and tilth and life, this dirt is so rich and beautiful! We have succeded in my mind, with our composting and mulching and replenishing actions. I was so excited to examine our soil this year.

And then I got started on the dress I cut out on Friday and had been meaning to get to before the Amish arrived. Good intentions, you know?

I'm wearing my jacket at the sewing machine because it was still chilly (in my language) in the house. And I am a wimp. :)
I think it turned out well, I added pockets to the front of the dress because the Amish girls had them and I thought that was genuis. Also, I widened the apron band and connected the cape like they do. I love my adjustments. :) Also, from the wind, I got a little bit of a poofy look I called "Cinderella action" because I call this dress Cinderella blue. I'm a goof, I know.

Well, I had better run. I have tons of stuff to get to today, and I rather do it while the weather is mild and beautiful. I will be back soon with a better post, but for now I hope you enjoyed my photographic rambling one. :)
Until Next Time,
Tracy M.


  1. Love the pics. Pleas keep an extra close eye on those new little lambs. Sometimes a ewe doesn't have enough milk to feed three. It'll be a couple of months before we get into the gardens here in WV. May God continue to bless your family!

  2. How nice and cute!! Imagine thet here in Canada it is snowing and we get a blizzard....
    i think i come down south.
    Love and God bless,

  3. Love the dress! I have been thinking about doing some sewing.. I need to find some good patterns. We LOVE bunnies.. I have 1 and my daughters have 4.