I have some 'splaining to do!!

Okay, first I should apologize for the long silence and messed up posts. I was trying to post via text message, but it didn't go as planned. Also, to the Irwins, thank you for your comment, but I messed up at the controls and accidentally deleted it. So, feel free to comment again. And thanks so much for commenting.

I am, as I write this, trying to upload pictures, so they may be posted tonight, they might not. I took some of my new cat, Sawyer and other such exciting things. Stay tuned.

Big post coming up with pictures, DV.



  1. Miss Tracy:

    You and your sisters have become quite the subject of conversation at our home amongst our daughters. I read the story of you chasing Pita to them again the other night which they all thought was pretty funny, especially Sugar getting confused and going after Chico.

    Katie (8) says that goats also drive her crazy. Sarah (5) thinks that she is as tough as you because one of our goats butted her on the head and she didn't even cry.

    My girls have many questions for you and for your sisters. I hope they aren't too tedious, and of course you can pass and not answer with no hurt feelings.

    We as a family have been talking about modesty and headcovering lately. My older two have been covering pretty much all the time for the last three weeks, ever since I began sharing pictures of you and others in the community with them. Hanna (7) has been making her own out of scraps of fabric. Katie has been wearing one that I purchased from someone on Etsy. Since the headcovering and modest dress business is new to us, the girls would like to know the following:

    1.On what occasions do you take your headcovering off? What about swimming?
    2.Do you make your own? Is it simply a square of fabric that is folded in half to make a triangle?
    3.Do you ever wear pants?
    4.What do you wear swimming?
    5.How short is too short for skirts and dresses?

    Sarah would like to know if you know any tricks? I don't know what that means, but she was pretty excited about the question.

    Thanks for your time and we all look forward to future posts, Lord willing.


  2. I am so glad the Lord has done such a wonderful thing in your girl's hearts. I would be glad to answer any questions! Your girls sound so sweet.

    Katie, Hanna and Sarah,

    1. I only take my headcovering off to go to bed. I swim in a smaller, tighter headcovering, and it helps to use snap clips to keep it secure, because I am a active swimmer.

    2. I do not make my own headcoverings right now. We buy them for .99 cents each at a craft store called Hobby Lobby. Yes, it is a square just folded into a triangle and it works wonderfully.

    3. I never wear pants except to sleep in during the winter. I sleep in a nightgown in the summer. I used to wear the pants that were like a skirt for each leg to ride Pita, but now I have a leather split skirt.

    4. I used to have one of those modest swimming suits, that was a dress made out of swimsuit material, with a pair of capris made of the same fabric to go underneath. But now I wear a T-shirt with a small, light skirt or jumper over it. I usually bend on my length rule to do this, and wrap a towel around me whenever I leave the pool. I know these clothes seem like they would be difficult to swim in, but believe me, you get used to it, and it seems a small sacrifice to uphold a biblical belief to me.

    5 Well, I will give you what I feel comfortable with, but this is a wide question. It really all comes down to what your head of household allows. But I try to stay just above my ankles or longer. Again, this is just my opinion.

    Sarah, I am not very talented in the trick section. I copy a lot of my Dad's goofy tricks, and I like to play tricks on my younger siblings, but only for my own amusement. Other people rarely think it's funny. I laugh anyways. * wink *

    If you email me your snail mail address, I will send each of your girls a headcovering like the one that my mother, sisters and I wear. Only if you want me to. I would be so excited to encourage your girls on this path. My email is: tracy@lazarusunbound.com

    Thanks again and Blessings,

    Tracy Bunker

  3. Okay, I just had a major duh moment. looked down and saw a envelope from you. So, scratch that last paragraph. Sorry. Expect a package, Irwin girls!


  4. Tracy,

    Thanks so much for the kind reply. There was a lot of happy clapping and laughing in the tent last night when I read to them that you were sending over some headcovers.

    Both Katie and Hanna are planning to continue covering while at school, so that will be an interesting transition. Finding them long skirts will be more of a challenge. We may just have to make them some.

    How much longer is the process for becoming a Longhorn inspector? There are a few small (very small) herds around here; I have been interested in them ever since reading your father explain their good qualities. My wife wants a Jersey for milking, but why have a Jersey when you could have those crazy big horns?

    I think Sarah would be the first of our family to try to ride one!

    Thanks again


  5. Tracy and Danielle

    We checked our PO box on the way out of town on Friday and found your package. Thank you so much, you are very kind. I think that I have a picture of all three girls wearing them that I will have to find and share with you.

    We went to the state fair yesterday and saw a bunch of longhorns. None were as pretty as your new bull. The girls like them, but all Beth can see are the horns and Sarah being impaled by one of them.

    Today was the first day of school. It was also the first day of Kindergarten for Sarah. They go to an old country school that is still run like all schools were run 100 years ago. Hanna is in second grade, so she is in the first and second grade classroom. Katie is now a third grader, so she is in the third through fifth grade room.

    We really enjoy spending time together as a family, so we don't often socialize with other families. The first day of school is the first that many people have seen us since the start of summer. Several people have asked me about my crazy big beard. I have been saying something like "I am going Old Testament." or "Leviticus 19, baby!" but that pretty much stops the conversation. I will have to come up with something better.

    The girls also got some questions from their class mates on their headcovering, but covering is not that uncommon. We have Russians, German Apostolic, and others that cover; but only the adults. Ours are the only students who do. It will be interesting to see how this all goes.

    I would like to send you all some things from our place and surrounding area that might be interesting, or fun, or different. I will have to do some thinking with the girls about what to send.

    Thanks again

    The Irwins