My new cat, Sawyer.


Tonight is so nice and cool. I am so thankful for such mild Sabbath weather.

I took a lot of really nice pictures to share with you all, but my computer won't recognize Dad's camera as a external hard drive without a software disk. So, maybe tomorrow I will go upload them to Dad's computer and email them to myself. So. There you go. Probably more than anybody wanted to know, but, oh well.

I will go ahead and write about my new cat Sawyer. He's gray with brown eyes. Solid gray. Smoky, almost blue gray. His color is so beautiful. He is amazingly laid back and more lovable than any cat I've ever known. He will jump up in your lap, and he walked across my computer keyboard as I was writing last night's blog, trying to get my attention. He looked at our other male cat, Samuel, with a look that said "There's a new sheriff in town. You best get used to it." Needless to say, Sam didn't take to well to him, and the feeling is mutual. Hopefully if I can the stupid camera into doing something, I will post a picture of him.

Like I said, today was the Sabbath. I woke up late. Late meaning, very late. But I needed the sleep, because the ants decided to invade my tent at three thirty in the morning on Friday, so I had to evacuate and go to my bed inside. I didn't sleep very well after that, because of the stinging bites. Sheesh. Anyways, I did have a restful Sabbath, and got a bit more read in my book.

Also, Super Ranchfest is coming up, Oct. 2nd - 9th. Please check it out on BA. And if you are interested in coming, contact Dad. Thanks!

Well, thank you for hanging on through the recent confusion, and I am still planning on the picture post.

Good Night.

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  1. Hi Tracy,
    I've been keeping up with your blog some, as time allows, and reading your dad's ebook. I know Ryan keeps up with all of your dad's writings. I meant to send you a thank you for the baby blanket! That was very thoughtful of you. We go next week to have an ultrasound, and will also find out if the baby is a boy or girl...if they are able to tell.
    We talk about coming back to visit you all. Hopefully we will be able to next year, although it might not be until the Oct. Ranchfest. We will be busy setting up our "ranch" by the McCarthy's. Do you have email? So glad that you all are doing well.