An Apron and other things.

Hello. Sorry I have not written in awhile, I have been busy canning and orgnizing stuff for winter management. I have canned 7 pints of chicken, 5 pints of mesquite jelly, and 8 quarts of prickly pear juice in the last five or six days. It may not sound like a lot, but it gets tiring. I also have been making an apron out of a tablecloth that belonged to my great grandmother, which was inspired by an apron that my great-great grandmother made, which was given to me by my grandmother. Whew. So there. It's a inter-generational apron. ( I don't think inter-generational is a word, but you get what I'm sayin, right?) I was really going for a Pilgrim/Amish look. I love the length. It's so practical.

I have also started making fleece blankets again, and am going to begin selling them. I made one today just to figure costs and time. I really enjoyed it. These blankets are two layers of coordinating or contrasting fleece. I made the other side of this blanket light pastel purple. I can make them in almost any theme. I can get prints or solids. Just specify the style and size you want, and I will do my best to find the perfect patterns and colors. You can also go to Walmart, and pick out what you want, and email me the details, and I will see if my Walmart has it, or if they can order it. But, with the December project, starting on the sixteenth I will not be able to make them. So, either put in a order now, or I can start making them again starting on New Year's Day.

Okay, this is a 1 yard blanket. I can make up to 4 yards. Here are the prices:

  • 1 yard: $20
  • 2 yards: $30
  • 3 yards: $37
  • 4 yards: $45

I can also make scarves, pillows, triangle shawls, and dog toys and beds in the same style. Just let me know if you are interested.

  • Braided dog toy: $6 or two for $10
  • Dog bed: $10
  • Triangle shawl: $15
  • Throw pillow: $10 or two for $15
  • Scarf: $10 or two for $15

My email address is:

And you can send a old-fashioned letter and a money order or check made out to Danielle Bunker to:

Tracy Bunker
1251 CR 132
Santa Anna, Tx

Well, I have to go put sleepy chillins to bed. Y'all have a good night and a blessed Sabbath.



  1. I thought you didn't like to sew. :) The apron, actually the whole picture, is lovely. Have you ever thought about making braided rag rugs? I just moved things around in the cabin today so I could get my sewing machine where I could use it.

  2. I really don't like to sew, I just had to make an apron like this because I couldn't find one anywhere that suited my needs. It was only a one day project, so I gritted my teeth and just did it! Thanks, Robert took the picture. He's pretty good with that kind of stuff. Cool, I hope to see some off your projects pop up on your blog soon. I sent you a snail mail letter about my midwifery studies. I will send it on Monday. Thanks again, Mrs. Bowman, and have a blessed day.


  3. To Judith,

    Even though, for some odd reason, your comment hasn't showed up here yet, I will go ahead an answer your question. If you are asking if I sell the aprons, too, I don't at the moment. This was my first one. If you are interested in buying one, though, you could email me, and make an offer, and I would gladly make one for you. This applys to everybody else. If you want one, tell me your specifications, and I will gladly make one for you if you give me a offer around what you think it's worth. I won't be picky on the price, since I can get old tablecloths cheap.


  4. Mrs. Bowman,

    I have thought about making braided rag rugs, but haven't ever made any effort to learn how. Just laziness, I guess.


  5. Beautiful job on the apron! And the picture is nice, too. It helps to have a nice subject when you take a picture. :-D

  6. Just so you know, I clicked on the blanket picture, and it said the link was broken. Mabe it's my computer.

    Excellent job on both the blanket and apron by the way.

    We're in the middle of trying to get our home ready to sell, so I'm not allowed to bring in new things at the moment. I hope to later however (DV)

  7. Hi Tracy
    I have recently started reading your blog. You certainly are a wonderful young lady. I am sure your parents are proud of you. You are beautiful and smart and inovative and we sense the love you have for God and His beloved Son Jesus Christ.

    Your life on the ranch reminds me so much of mine when I was growing up in Northern Alberta near Edmonton. We too lived off the land and did many things you do to live. We were so poor I used to make my dolls from rocks,weeds and old clothing. I would make rings out of paper. I could brad my hair at six and used rags and pieces of wire to curl my hair. I learned to knit with string and pieces of wire.

    I go all the way back to a log cabin my parents made from the logs grown on the homestead they bought for $10. and lived to see progress until today. The winters were much colder at times 40 degrees below, blizzards and msny feet of snow. We made it because we trusted in God and His provisions.

    I tear up when I read your blog and I don't know why, but keep doing it.

    This is David Sifford's mother
    Anne Sifford
    God bless you abundantly and may He give you the desire of your hear someday.

  8. Thank you so much for your comment, Mrs. Sifford. I am touched by your account of your childhood, and admire you all the more for it. I have heard a bit about you, and have come to respect you already. I am honored by your comment, and hope you continue to read, as you will now be in my thoughts as I write of my adventures.

    Again, thank you.