Autumn Chill and Fall Showers

Hello there.

It has been raining here for over three days now. Thank you, Lord! Our catch water system is at nine hundred gallons, plus the 135 gallon cattle tank out front, plus the multiple buckets and containers full. This water will last us a loooooong time. Thank you, Lord. It has also been a bit cool, which I am enjoying thoroughly. I am so glad to light candles and make tea in the evenings again. I am a winter person, and it may sound weird, but I love to wear cozy clothing. I just love wearing fuzzy sweaters and shawls and warm mittens and scarves. I love the glow of candlelight, and I love cooking on the wood stove. I know I may be getting ahead of myself with the tiny chill that always comes with rain, but it reminded me that I am really looking forward to winter.

With the rain has come mud, and lots of it. So, we have been staying inside a lot and playing games and reading books. I did get some chicken canned. I have been changing sheets and sweeping things out and going through clothes, to keep busy. I have also been trying out new recipes. I have really fallen in love with a cookbook called Backwoods Home Cooking, which was put together by the people who put out the the great magazine called BackWoods Home, which we have had a subscription to on and off through the years. Anyways, the cookbook has been my go to many times for hard to find recipes. Today, I made egg noodles for chicken noodle soup, and the most scrumptious blueberry muffins today. I had some leftover blueberries that were going to go bad within a day or two, so I made a quickie batch of these muffins. Yum! I also made potato soup, which was VERY good, also a recipe from the Backwoods Home cookbook. After we ate the potato soup, I added longhorn beef and multiple home canned veggies, and it became a hearty beef stew. If you are interested in the cookbook, I looked real quick an found a few copies on Amazon.

Well, I have to go and get to bed, because I have a cow to milk in the morning.



  1. We had rain & lightning last Fri night and it rained off & on thru Sunday. But it did not rain as much as you are getting. I too am a winter person till I have to go out to feed the chickens. When it rains here we get such clay sticking mud and it is a mess. But I could do with a colder day about now...we are heading into high 90's for a few days.
    Thank you for the update and I am so happy that all your water tanks are getting nice and full.
    Yes the Lord is good.

  2. Good evening

    At present, we are enjoying a few last nights in the tent before we pack it back up. It is raining now, and I think that we have used it beyond its expected design, because I had to put a plastic garbage bag between the rain fly and the tent so that it would stop raining on me.

    Every year we have had the girls make those fleece blankets. We then take them to one of the local nursing homes and give them to people who don't have family or many visitors.

    It will be interesting to hear about your December Project experience. I know that once the start time for that came, I would have a strong desire to go into town, just because I can't. Perhaps that is a character flaw that needs strengthening.

    - Irwin family