Back Again 2010

Okay so hello again. I am sorry about the painfully long delay. I think I am ready to start blogging again, and hope there might be someone who hung on through the long silence.

Well, it cold and rainy here at the Ranch, but the rain is much appreciated. The cold... not so much. But it is good for the peach trees, I guess. The mud and clouds are getting pretty tiresome, especially since we hand wash all of our laundry, and no laundry can happen on a wet and cloudy day. The weather has been very "Englandish" for a few weeks now, so I am running out of clean laundry. Yet another lesson in agrarian living.

Well, right now I am studying for my SATs and my GED so that, Lord Willing, I can start studying at Texas Tech by correspondence courses. I hoping to go for World History. I am having a bit of trouble now finding a good bookstore here in the Brownwood area, but, thankfully, there is a very cheap and well stocked bookstore in Austin that I had a hayday in a few weeks ago. So I am set for a few months, but hopefully can go back again after that.

Mom and Dad are now planning a trip to Missouri this month for their 18th anniversary. Guess who's on babysitting duty? Me. But, hopefully it will be "quick and painless". No problem with the children, but the animals and Ranchwork are a bit of pressure. Nothing I haven't handled before, but it is always a bit daunting to look forward to.

Well, hope to post again soon, and am glad to be back.

Tracy Bunker


  1. You can do it..... and you know where I live!

  2. Greetings from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Tracy, where I am writing you beneath three feet of snow! There's no end to it, it seems, with 6-12 more inches on the way between now and Wednesday morning. I told your dad that it must be all this global warming stuff!

    It is good to see you back on here again, with your compatriots, Genls. Lee and Jackson!

    As a college student of history, putting up with the worldliness and disdain of the cultural and economic Marxist academics can be quite a challenge, but I'm sure you're up for it, and will give them a great "run for their money."

    Still enjoying my mesquite coffee.

    Best wishes, and looking forward to your future posts!

    In Him,
    - Adam Craig