Milk and cookies

Howdy. I figure I'd write about yesterday, the Sabbath, then maybe later post the many pictures I took with another update. Enjoy, y'all.

Yesterday was nice, warm sunny and only minimally muddy. I got up around 7:30 to milk Kate. She was a good cow and didn't move or get nervous while I milked her. Sawyer always watches me milk. I tried to squirt him in the mouth with a stream of milk, but he got angry about my poor aim and began licking it off his chest. After I had finished up, I took it inside and did my routine of straining it, labeling it, taking the cream of the day before's milk, filling up the cream dish for coffee, feeding the cat, dogs, rabbits and pigs a bowl of it, and getting the rest into the fridge to begin cooling and separating. Jennifer and Sawyer were my shadow this morning, and it was pretty quiet. We were alone, because Dad took Mom out to breakfast. Jen and I read for awhile until the younger children got up, and then I made toast spread with homemade butter and Texas wildflower honey for breakfast. All the other children had a glass of milk with their breakfast. After we cleaned up we began churning cream for butter and having a silly singing contest, and we all took turns churning. After Mom and Dad arrived home, we cleaned up, washed the butter, salted it, and put it in the fridge. I bottled up the buttermilk, took some of it and some milk and butter to our neighbors, the Pecks. Robert took Sarah on a walk, to destination unknown, and Jennifer and I began making chocolate chip cookies. Lots of chocolate chip cookies. 7 or 8 dozen chocolate chip cookies. Then I came down to the office and brought Dad some milk and cookies. Such a classic treat. Tonight when all the community gets together for our Saturday night meeting, I will bring more milk and cookies for everybody to enjoy.

Well, I'd better get back to work.


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  1. It sounds like a worthy day to me! I wish I had been taught all the things you know, one day, Lord willing, I'll know and teach my own. Have a wonderful week!