Muddy and Wet....

Hello Y'all

Just a quick update, before I hit the hay. Today was a long, wet, cold, muddy day. London weather. Ick. I did get some laundry done and hung up on Friday evening. And it was sunny on Saturday morning, but it clouded up later in the day, and misted all day Sunday, and rained this morning, so they have stayed cold and damp. If they don't start drying tomorrow, I might try putting them on hangers above the woodstove, but I really don't want to. Just a bit of sunshine in the morning will dry them, and I pray we do get to see the sun sometime this week.

I have been reading and studying up for my SATs though. Today I took a diagnostic GRE test. Yeah, that wasn't exactly an encouraging thing for me to do, since it let me know how far I have to go. I did O.K. But not as well as I had hoped. It was just a diagnostic, but I am feeling just a bit buried in with all the studying ahead of me. Oh, well.

We are in the process of getting a Jersey milk cow to take over for Pita in the dairy department. Wow. Jersey usually average a few gallons a day, mostly heavy cream. When I was milking Pita, I was getting maybe a quart a day. So I am going to be working out a lot more "milkin'" muscles, needless to say. I'm not looking forward to the cramps, but the extra milk and cream and cheese and butter will be well worth it.

I am down to two female Californian rabbits, and am trying my best to sell them to make room for a new breed I've been reading up on. They're called Cinnamons, and they are pretty much like the Californian, but they stand up better to heat and seem to be a bit more trustworthy in the breeding department. I'm not completely sure what I'm going to do yet, and I'm thinking it more of a Spring project, so more on that later.

Well, I am restless to get into my warm bed to try to shut out all this miserable weather, so I'll sign off.


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  1. I feel for you about the weather. Even though I am in CA, 35 miles N of San Francisco, we have been having wet cold weather for days. So I know exactly how you are feeling. But the sun will shine again...