Buckley's Cough Syrup. Why you should never cough in front of a Canadian.

Hello there.
Tonight the clouds are gathering in the distance for yet another spring shower. Thank you, Lord, for the rain. Today was a sunny, productive Preperation of the Sabbath. I got a bunch of laundry done, spread a bunch of mulch, washed dishes, and did some general cleanup around the homestead. Tonight I am going to put up laundry and hit the hay as early as possible

I have had a pretty intense head cold for about three days. I don't know what it is, it started with a sore throat, then went to my eyes and nose. Like I said, we unloaded and spread a BUNCH of mulch early this morning, and about halfway through I wasn't feeling great so I said, "I don't feel to well, I am going to lay down." Mrs. Peck was helping us, and she started talking about some old Canadian remedy as I dragged myself to bed. About thirty minutes later, she comes knocking on my door with a spoonful of ugly looking black syrup. You know, like in the cartoons. All of the children were gathered behind her snickering, and she just said, "Plug your nose." I laughed and started to say someting about feeling lots better and no I wasn't going to touch that sludge, thankyouverymuch. She just said, "Plug your nose, Tracy." and down it went. Okay, if you want to know how this stuff tastes, go eat a spoonful of Vicks Vapo Rub and come back. Now you know what Buckley's cough syrup tastes like. The children were laughing, and Mrs. Peck thought it was pretty funny too. I just made a face, sighed, and closed the door and let them have their fun while I fell back into bed. It ended up working on my congestion pretty well, but they could at least put it in a capsule or something. That is just ridiculous.

The piglet count has gone down a bit, due to Momma Pig weighing something like 700 pounds and stepping on some of the little guys. But we still have a LOT of pigs, and look forward to a busy butchering season.

On Thursday we went on a family trip to Brownwood, and headed over to the recycling center to pick up some free mulch. A small tornado went through Brownwood a few months ago, and they just chip up all the branches and trees that get tossed around. Mulch has proven to be very useful around the Ranch for paths to walk on when it's muddy, weed stopper in the garden, and it looks nice around the trees and larger plants. On our way home from the recycling center, We stopped by Home Depot to get some hardware and plants. They have a pretty nice nursery, and I bought some Lavender and got a six pack each of Begonias and Snapdragons. I don't really "like" flowers, like I don't plant them in pots and water them and admire them, but these were on sale 2 for 1 and I couldn't resist. I gave some to the Pecks and some to the Irbys, and plan to plant the rest in the garden, just because I thought they might be neat to see this summer. Dad bought more tomatoes, squash and two Concord grape vines. I expect a few years from now we will have a large berry crop, as we have planted a lot of strawberries, 2 blackberry vines, 2 raspberry vines and now more grape vines. (We planted 2 last year.)

Well, I better get to bed and try to beat off this stinking cold.

Y'all have a nice Sabbath,



  1. Hey Tracy, I feel for you but I think mine are allergies :( Man I lost my voice, Jacob my son was making fun of me about it, I sounded like i was squeeking :( I was just reading something to DH and bam it almost went away again :(
    Any suggestions, I tried hot liquids :( and throat drops, Nothing, also my right ear hurts :(

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Greetings Tracy and family,
    Just thought you might want to know that my kids are your cousins, I think. Their dad is a Bruce, 17th from the Earl of Elgin in Scotland. We are from Texas, down San Antonio way, but moved to North Carolina last year. I think they will be thrilled to hear of a TX cousin. I knew the Bruce clan was big, but I haven't been online here in a while and was really happy to see the pic of Robert on the sidebar.
    Hope you are feeling better. You are an inspiration.
    God Bless You and Yours,

  4. You know I still have lots let of the cough syrup if you get sick again!!! He He...