Ranchfest Cometh....

Hello there. We have been very busy here lately, with Ranchfest prep and garden work. A lot of garden work. Rachfest is only about eight or so days away, so everything here is in high gear. Although they did slow down a bit today on account of rain, which is such a blessing, since we just put cowpeas in our pasture. Thank you, Lord!

The children have been very busy mowing. They have to mow down all the cockleburrs, which are large, annoying sticker plants which produce large, annoying burrs that stick to socks, skirts, pants, animals, and just about everything else. So we are battling them now for all we are worth, so as to cut down the popualtion at least half way.

Our pigs are doing well. The piglets are big now, and eating feed, so that is a little hard to keep up with. We have dried up Kate, our milk cow, and she is on medication to help with any mastitis problems that might develop.

Day before yesterday we went to Coleman to pick up 2 wild pigs that were trapped on a ranch outside of Coleman by a man who works at the hardware store. He gave them to us, (the community) and we butchered them yesterday morning, one being ours, and the other the Peck's. It went well and fast, which is good because the cold weather has pretty much faded away into Spring's 50's and 60's. So we had to get them done in the cool hours of the morning.

I may not write again until after Ranchefest, but hopefully some of y'all will be there.

Until Then,
Tracy Bunker


  1. Tracy,

    Thank you for this update, I appreciate your posts. Yes, I'm sure you are very busy with both spring and Ranchfest prep projects! I pray everyone's gardens do well and that you are all blessed with a fulfilling and productive Ranchfest. Tell the Children..."Good Job" with battling those Cockleburrs....we had them on our farm and they grew tall with burrs that were definitely an annoyance. (Really fun trying to remove from the animals coats and tails...aren't they?) Sounds like your tender assistance with the piglets birth paid off well. I bet that many are lots of work! Praise God for His provisions.

    Are you still cleaning at least one house, Tracy? Or training for midwifery yet?

    Pray Ranchfest offers the opportunity to meet new friends in Christ, as well as enjoy the fellowship of brothers and sisters in the faith, once again. God bless your family's projects.


  2. Happy Birthday Tracy! I hope your day was wonderful.