Late Night Update

Hello there.

Just a quick update, it is really late here and I need to get to bed.

Well, things are going well. We are in the last days of summer, but it is still pretty hot. And humid. We got a bit of rain last night, and I am very greatful to the Lord for that because the garden and trees were really in need of it. Hand watering never is as good as rain for the plants.Italic

Milking is going well, and the calf, Essie is really growing fast. She is such a whiner though. I seperate Katie away from the calves in the mid morning and let her go out and graze, and Essie just sits there and lows until she comes back. It's not like she is lonely. Anna is there and so is Pita. Pita takes care of her and Anna plays with her, but she just wants her Mommy back. If I go in the pen with her during her "whining hours" she comes up and nudges me in the leg and lows and pushes on the gates. I tell her to go play, because I know she is not hungry. But she still insists on waiting until Mom gets back. I don't know what I am going to do with her at weaning time.

My mom has been canning, canning, canning. She has been canning Wilbur, our big old boar pig we sent to the butcher in Santa Anna. ( We do not butcher in the summer for fear of the meat spoiling in the summer heat.) This is the first time we have used the new butcher in Santa Anna, and boy howdy did they do well seasoning the breakfast sausage and curing the bacon. They did an excellent job. We had the Sustaires over for pork chops on Tuesday night and they were so good. Wilbur was a good pig in more ways than one. Only, our poor Wilbur didn't have a spider to save him from becoming supper.

Ranchfest is soon, and we have so much to do in preperation. It looks like there will be alot of visitors this time, and the more the merrier! If you think you might like to join us, you can either email my Dad at or keep an eye on his blog for the regular Ranchfest post, which includes all the info and if you have questions you can comment there.

Well, even though I am a teen and should be able to be up all hours, I am also an Agrarian, so I am supposed to get up early. Katie the milk cow makes sure I do.

Tracy Bunker


  1. Thanks for the post Tracy. I will have to show it to the girls. I like what you have done with the background, although I assume it is nowhere near you due to the mountains.

    It will be a blessing when the smokehouse is done, then some of the pork can be cured that way. Glad to hear that the torrential rain didn't damage any of the crops. Blessings to you and your siblings.

    Todd in Ory-gun.

  2. It looks like you tried to get some more sleep in the morning by trying to get your cow stuck in the mud. Better providence next time.

    -Todd and family