A Community Cookout

 On Sunday, our community had a summer cookout over at the Peck's homestead, and what great fun! Jenn and I took a bunch of pictures during the whole event, and though I might share them here. My comments may be sprinkled throughout... :) I hope you enjoy.....

The ladies, before the meal, chatting under the shade tree. 
Oh! And Robert, I guess. :) 
And of course there was the back-room card game....
Annabelle and Abram, waiting for grub...
Elijah's gap-toothed grin. Gotta love it!!! 

Aforementioned grub. It tasted as good as it looks. And a big round of applause for Mrs. Peck, who cooked up all the meat on her awesome little homemade grill, when all the other women and I sat under a tree. Because it was hot, that's why! 

Oh! There I am, under the tree. :) 

Annabelle wants YOU. 

And there was watermelon, and it was good.... 

There may be a lot of pictures of Annabelle eating watermelon here, I just couldn't get enough of it...

Very serious watermelon.
Swinging on the homemade swing.....

After-meal lounging... 

Mom and Sarah.. 
Me, eating watermelon... :)

Jennifer, eating watermelon. And loving it. 
Annabelle, eating watermelon, like a boss. 

She still wants YOU, to eat some watermelon.



  1. It looks like you all had a fine time. That 'Belle is a mess, but I must admit I feel compelled to find some watermelon.

  2. The cutestest mess ever, you mean ;)

    1. That looks like a fun time! You're a good photographer Tracy!