What I'm Writing and More Amish Weddings.

August. It's hot, but this is the last lash of summer, and it won't be long now.

We have been working in the gardens, getting ready for fall. Our fall garden will have a good head start with all this blessed rain we have been having. The soil looks good, and the compost is nice and moist. I am excited to get the seeds in the ground.

I have begun work on our next Off-Off Grid handbook, Grain. I will be working back and forth on this one and the Vegetables book, all while continuing my job for CFH and hopefully keeping this blog at an interesting level. The Dairy book is still in post-production, if you will. This is to say that it is out of my hands. So I have started on the next in a line of how-to handbooks. I am learning so much from writing these books, about the topics and about writing! I love to write, but I have learned that I must work hard to be good at it.

Today is Tuesday, and the children have been in the garden all morning. My Mom and I did laundry until lunchtime, and now it must be dried, folded and put away. I could hear the children laughing in the garden awhile ago. Maybe I should go make sure there is work going on, too.

My Kentuckian rabbits have handled the brutal Central Texas heat quite well. I am surprised and gladdened by this. I have had trouble keeping rabbits happy and healthy through these summers before now, but maybe the ones I have now are hardier. I don't know. The two Mommies are due to have kits pretty soon, so I pray that goes well.

This week, I received a letter saying that one of my Amish friends will be getting married in November. Naomi will be marrying the "Troyer with the Spurs", as we girls affectionately call him. Having become friends with those girls has made me so happy. Letters fly in and out of here to and from Amish Country, and I can't help but wonder if maybe I can slip away again and go enjoy some more wonderful time in Amish country. Who knows.

Well, there is definitely an inordinate amount of giggling happening out there now. I must go.


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