Process-Driven Homemaking

Keeping a tidy home is never something you do or have done. It's something you're doing. Like everything in this agrarian lifestyle of ours, homemaking is a process. To approach it as a purpose-driven chore is to agree to possibly making yourself crazy, and maybe dragging your family along with you.

You are a homemaker- not a general in a perfection army. Your home is a reflection of your priorities, and so it should reflect you. If your family's peace and happiness come before your need for ranks of sparkling windows, don't let your vanity overtake your true goals.

Now, this is not to say chores are to be sacrificed on the altar of immediate ease. Quite the contrary. Homekeeping is a duty. Our duty as women. It is our show of affection to our families- and so happiness should be a goal of our homekeeping, not an alternative.

A woman's duty is not doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking meals or making beds. A woman's duty is not housekeeping. Our calling is homemaking, homekeeping. The little, mundane, everyday chores are the outside workings of an inner process- a process of making a house a



  1. Well said Tracy!
    Godly perspective goes a long way in this wayward world does it not? It is a blessing and priviledge to have a family to care for and 'clean' for!

  2. Wise words, my dear, and an inspiration. I should print this out and post it in the kitchen. :)