A Joyous Visit from Amish Country.

Greetings! I hope all is well with everyone. The temperatures here have been crazy lately, it was 12 this morning when we woke up. We aren't really used to temps like that, but we do manage. I did heat up water for the bunnies this morning, though because they were looking especially chilled. And I drank a full cup of coffee within an hour!! I usually just drink half a cup over about 45 minutes, and eventually lose interest, but this morning I was so chilled I managed to finish it in addition to my usual tea. That's how cold it was. :)

The Amish folk headed out Sunday afternoon after the fellowship meal, hoping to get to a friends house south of Dallas before supper. They made it safely and are now, as far as I know, slowly headed back home, with a few stops to make along the way. I bet they are as tired as I am.

We had a lot of fun during their visit, though. There was about 16 people in their group altogether, including a 4 month old baby who was as cute as button in her mini getup. The group was made up of two families, and over half of them were around my age. It was such fun to see our friends again.

The first day, I was excited to take them around to meet everyone. I had met them all at the Wedding, but I was anxious to take them around for introductions. The girls and I went walking to see if we could find the cows, because they were interested in seeing the legendary longhorns. We didn't find them until the second day of their visit, but we did a lot of walking and talking which was well worth it in my opinion. That night we had a community meeting and a reading of the Charity series that our group has been going through together.

I had three girls stay in my bedroom upstairs in the loft, and of course the first night was a little goofy. We stayed up late, talking about everything under the sun and teaching each other songs out of the hymnals in my collection, and then the good girls went to sleep around midnight and myself and my best friend Ashley went outside walking because it was too warm in the house and we were restless. We talked about a lot of things, and marveled how complicated our lives and problems had become since we first met when we were fourteen and fifteen. Nowadays we are expected to start making life decisions! Maybe some people would have laughed at that, and I told her to image what our lives would be like in five years. That boggled our sleepy minds. We talked and talked and didn't get back into bed until three in the morning. I enjoyed every minute of it, though.

The next morning we woke up at seven and after a group effort, had a hodge podge breakfast of eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls that may have been a bit underbaked, sliced fruit, and bagels with cream cheese and coffee. After we had cleaned up, the rest of their crowd showed up for a good long visit and homestead tour. Once that was over we spent the rest of the day either walking about the community or playing some silly Amish schoolyard games that had us in hysterics. We were a rowdy bunch, all in all. :)

That night was our community "Q and A" where we sat in a circle in the Community Center and sang out of our Psalters and then took turns asking questions. It was a rich, interesting evening of discussion and fellowship.

Unlike the evening before, I fell asleep right when my head hit the pillow, but woke up at about 3:15 when the wind began to blow the cold front in and it was time to start the fire. The young couple with the baby had stayed in our house that night, so I was determined not to let the house get chilly. I stayed up and kept the fire going, cleaning up the house and preparing to make breakfast and coffee when I began to hear people stirring. Once sleepy faces started appearing downstairs, I began cooking pancakes and did not stop until 8:30! I made more pancakes and bacon than I ever have in my life, but it was such fun. I kept the mesquite coffee hot and people just kept showing up and our house was a bustling hive of activity once I was done.

Pretty soon the girls began ironing their Sunday clothes and assisting each other in the intricate business of putting their hair up and under their kapps, and pretty soon it was time for Sunday singing. Boy, were we loud! With our normal numbers almost doubled, it was a joyus noise that rang out that morning. The Amish would have to leave after the meal, and I was sad about that but what a meal it was. Three kinds of soups ( my potato soup included ), delicous breads and salad and cold cuts, it was meal you don't leave hungry from.

Then it was time for goodbyes. Addresses were exchanged and promises to write letters and keep in touch, and then there were hugs and thank yous and they were off. I was sad to see them go but what an amazing weekend of fellowship we had. A blessing, to be sure.

I fell asleep a few hours after their departure and knew no more!! But I hope they can mage to visit again someday. For myself, I am planning a visit to their neck of the woods perhaps sometime this summer to see another wedding and possibly a baptism! I am excited to see them again. Until then the letters will resume and the memories will be cherished.

Well, I am so behind on work and other things, that I shall sign off now.

Hope all is well with you and yours this chilly Tuesday afternoon,

Tracy M.


  1. Thanks for your interesting update about your fun and eventful weekend. I bet a good time was had by all.

  2. Really enjoyed reading about your weekend with friends. So often, we think we have to "entertain" those who come to visit, or they 'expect' to be entertained. How wonderful to know that walking and talking have not disappeared from our lives. Singing and quiet reflection are so hard to find. Admire your lifestyle and visit more of us could live the same way.