Sprout Season.

Okay, so first things first. I have started a Facebook page for the blog. It sounds weird when you say it like that, but I had been posting the blog updates on my personal page and sometimes there were pictures, quick things and random thoughts I thought should go on the blog but this isn't really the format for sporadic and short stuff. So, here is the Facebook page for The Yellow Rose, bear with me because I just started it today and I have no clue what I am doing. Hopefully it will get better and more useful with time. I will try to figure out how to put a like button on the sidebar for this page soon, but may have to enlist more knowledgeable help for that. Oh, and I put an Instagram feed in the sidebar, if you will notice. Hope that's okay.

Things are very busy here on the homestead, and I would say spring has sprung but with the fruit trees blooming and so many plants in the ground, I don't want to speak too soon. It is chilly and rainy here today, but I am happy about that because the amazing amount of seeds that we have planted, the barley, the wheat, the onions, the garlic, the collards, chard, trees, and strawberries will all be grateful for it.

Look at the three little ducklings! I went back to the charming highschool-gym-made-cosy-home guy who sells chicks and ducks this time of year and bought some more Rouen duckings. I bought three last year, and sadly just lost one last week to a skunk. But the adult ducks now live on the pond, and I hope to get at least three more ducklings to raise this year to send down there with them at some point. Maybe one day we will be hatching our own ducklings with our little flock... group... whatever you call more than one duck.

Other than planting and watering and general gardening, we have been taking some scrap metal and old machines into Coleman when we have the time, cleaning up around the place and making some extra income. That has been a blessing. So has my little brother's great knowledge of trailers - how to hitch, back up and safely pull them. I learn a lot from that not-so-little guy. Turns out I can back a cattle trailer or a 15 ft flatbed trailer like a pro, but this little trailer gets me every time.

Well, I had better go. Lots of writing and other work to do. I haven't forgotten about the laundry post - still working on that!!

The mantra of this blog should be - "One day...."

Tracy M.

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