Hello, y'all.

I am checking in to say I am sorry for the silence. I mean, I warned y'all. I am an on again off again blogger and always have been.

I am gloriously happy to announce that I am engaged to be married next fall. I am beyond blessed by a wonderful guy and we have so much ahead of us. We would appreciate your prayers, of course. I am back and forth between my home and his home in Arkansas lately, but hope to be home for good for a while to assist another community home birth in January and catch up on my responsibilities at home. It's a wonderful feeling to be home with my family and community for these dark days of winter.

That being said, I am obviously going to be even more sporadic in the blogging world next year, and I wanted to give fair warning. I have some posts in the works, and I have a lot of writing work going on that I hope to share with you someday. Someday, someday.

On the homestead, we are tucking in for winter. Although it has been warm so far, the cold is sure to come in full force and when it does we will, Lord Willing, be ready.

The garlic is in, and growing up well. The sheep have dropped a few lambs before the full front of winter, thank goodness. Jennifer and I bottled prickly pear wine today and I am getting ready to do an all-grain brew for the first time. So things plod along at a slow agrarian pace here on the homestead.

I have a lot of pictures to show and stories to tell in the coming months, and a few how-to and wild edibles posts drafted in scribbled notebooks. So once I straighten it all out into a post, I will be sharing here and hope you all have patience with me and stay tuned.

Blessings and stay warm.

Tracy M


  1. Praying for you Tracy!!! Welcome Back!!!

  2. and Congratulations!!!!

  3. So looking forward to all you have to say.

  4. 'Gods best' to both of you, I pop in on occasion to see what is happening with all of you and am very happy to hear this news. I'll continue to pray for you both and for your community, I receive much blessing from all of your updates. :)

  5. Glad to see you blogging, love hearing all there is to hear going on in the community and really enjoy your posts. Congratulations on your engagement!! How exciting!!