Hello there.

Things continue to take new turns in my life, and I hope you will be patient with me as always. It is spring, which is always a refreshing, beautiful time for agrarians like us.

Like I said, my life is changing on all fronts, and I pray the Lord equips me and stays on the forefront of my mind as I go forward. Prayer is my constant and I am grateful to the Lord for this new chapter. I have left the community in Central Texas, and am now living on a large homestead in Northeast Arkansas. I am slowly adjusting. It won't be easy for this Texas girl.

The man God had for me and I will be getting married in late July of this year, in a vineyard in the beautiful Texas hill country, and Lord Willing will start our new lives in a very large tent here in Arkansas thereafter. We are starting the platform this weekend, hopefully, and ordering the 16x20 canvas tent when we can and when we are ready for it. I will post pictures as the platform gets started. We have already spent some time clearing the land, cutting down trees and clearing brush with my trusty, faithful and intelligent cattle dog Steel standing watch. The worst part is picking off nasty ticks at the end of the day. I hate ticks.

This is a shot of a year-round gushing spring with the remains of what looks to be an old spring house that is basically in the front yard of where I am staying -

So beautiful.

My best friend (and soon to be sister-in-law) is due to have her first baby in the end of May, and I am so excited to meet my nephew. We are throwing her a baby shower this weekend, and she has allowed me to be present at the birth, so I am looking forward to experiencing the miracle once again, this time within my own family which makes it even more special.

It has been cloudy and rainy here on the Arkansas farm for the past few days, but once the sun comes out again I will be taking more pictures of my new home to share, animals, plants, people and countryside. So stick around. :)

Be back soon,
Tracy M


  1. What an exciting time! God bless you!

  2. Can't wait to hear and see more!! Congratulations again on your soon wedding!!!